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Our Classic BBQ chicken with our own Tangy BBQ Sauce!
Grilled Chicken with own Zest Rub
Grilled Chicken with Rosemary and Garlic
Grilled Chicken with a South of the Border Santa Maria Rub
Grilled Chicken with our own Korean BBQ Sauce

Slow Cooked Grilled Tri-Tip with our own Tangy BBQ Sauce
Grilled Tri-Tip with our Zesty Rub
Grilled Tri-Tip with our own South of the Border Santa Maria Rub
Beef Slow Cooked Short Ribs Smothered in our own Tangy BBQ Sauce
Try them another way...Slow cooked with our own special rub
Our own Texas Style Beef Ribs

Slow cooked St. Louis Style Ribs with our own Tangy BBQ Sauce
Tenderloin Grilled to Perfection ( Teriyaki or Tangy BBQ Sauce)
Our Tender Pulled Pork
Lechon Asado -- Roast Pork Cuban Style

Hot off the Rotisserie
Slow Cooked to Perfection Prime Rib
Smoked Turkey
Seasoned Smoked Chicken
Our Specialty! Whole Roasted Pigs (Approx. 50lbs)

From the Sea
Seasoned Salmon Served with Pineapple Papaya Salsa
Grilled Mediterranean Mahi Mahi Tuna
Seasoned Shrimp and Pineapple K-Bobs

Side Dishes
Roasted Red Potatoes Lightly Seasoned
Western BBQ Baked Beans
Our Own rice Pilaf with Creamy Parmesan
The Baked Potato Bar
Good Old Fashioned Pork-n-Bean
Our Own Creamy Mac & Cheese

Grilled Marinated Asparagus
Mixed Grilled Vegetables Seasoned to Perfection
Corn on the Cob (Grilled or Simmered in Milk and Butter) Kernels of Corn

Freshly made Ceaser Salad with Croutons and Parmesan Cheese
Our own Macaroni Salad
Awesome Potato Salad
Chefs Special Pasta Salad
Bowl of Fresh Fruit
Spring Mixed with Almonds and Cranberries with Raspberry Vinaigrette
Marinated Mushroom Salad


Spicy Hot, BBQ or Sweet and Sour Grilled Chicken Wings
Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
Teriyaki Beef
BBQ Meatballs in our own Tangy BBQ Sauce
Bacon-wrapped Chicken Jalapenos
Grilled Bacon - Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Blue Cheese
Grilled Tomato Brushetta
Stuffed Mushrooms with Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onions
Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce

Veggie Platter (Ranch or Humus) Serves 20 to 25 people
Fruit Platter. Serves 20 to 25 people


Exquisites s'mores (Original or Peanut Butter Cup)
"Our own version of the classic s'mores!"
Pineapple Kabobs (Fresh Pineapple, Grilled and Covered in Carmel
Assorted Pies
Everyone's Favorite..Cupcakes

At Exquisite Grill we pride ourselves on getting what the customer wants. Here are a couple of our special menus we have created
with our customers.

Fajita Bar (Chicken, Beef, Shrimp and Portobello Mushroom)
Served with Rice & Beans

Carne Asade, with Rice and Beans. With Assorted Salsa's

Chili Verdi with Rice and Beans

Thanksgiving Feast - Rotisserie Turkey, Yams and Stuffing (all done on the grill!)

Christmas Dinner -- Pork Tenderloin with Cranberry Glaze, Rice Pilaf and Seasoned Grilled Asparagus. We even had Chestnuts Roasted on an open Fire!

Filet Mignon and Lobster Tails. Served after the clients had a day of Snowmobiling

Burger and Dog Bar. With all your Favorite Fixins..


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If you don't see what you had in mind on our menu! Just ASK US!!!

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